Thursday, September 21, 2006

We made it to Marianna, Fl. about 1am!! Of course it was an adventure!! It started off with with the assignment of Disney names for this week of entries!! Let's see if you can figure them out!! Eeyore, Sully, Lightning McQueen, Pocahontas, Dory, and Tinker Bell!!
We started off the journey about an hour behind with a wonderful exit of our driveway! Someone and you figure out who backed into the mailbox!! I'm taking suggestions for how to best treat a lovely scratch above the right back tire!!
The trip was very quiet with the new addition to our vehicle installed by Eeyore and Grandpa Fred!!! Thanks to you both!! About 10:00 it was determined that Pocahontas had drifted off to sleep or so we thought! The big kids were picking out there second Disney favorite to pop in and from the back seat we hear, "Hey, No Fair, I get second pick!!" We all died laughing! They had drawn straws before the trip for movie order choosing!! Needless to say she won the pick but within 10 minutes was out like a light!!
For those of you wondering about my knee... I woke up this morning pain free!! Thank you for your prayers and the shot!!
Well, I'm being summoned to load up!! Our plan for today is to drive to Orlando and stay @ Double Tree and do Downtown Disney!! Mr. Potato Head we are planning to go to the toy store so we'll update your potato situation later today!! As Tigger would say T.T.F.N Signing off Tinker Bell

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Lady Why said...

Ok, let's see... Eeyore is obviously the husband; Sully is the oldest son; Lightning McQueen is the youngest son; Pocahontas is the youngest daughter; Dory is the oldest daughter; and Tinker Bell is the mom. Did I get it right?

OH MY! The mailbox!! Yikes! It looked intact when I was there this morning!

I'm glad your knee is behaving itself! And, I'm glad you didn't disappoint me with having to wait too long for a blog post! Keep up the good work and let us hear from you when you get to Downtown Disney. Check out that scrapbooking store, and there is a slushie store where you can build your own cup to keep. My children really enjoyed that! Take pictures in front of all the cool lego things!! And, Mr. Potato Head will be very disappointed if you don't take a picture with all of you in front of the giant Mr. Potato Head! You don't want to disappoint Mr. Potato Head, now do you?

Waiting with bated breath for your next entry...