Sunday, September 24, 2006

Epcot 9/23/06
We started off a little late this morning! Spaceship Earth is a favorite of all so that was first!! Then we were off to Soaring!! We love this ride!! We rode it three times!! The crowds are not too bad! We rode all the stuff in Future World and went through half of the countries! We will go bakc later in the week and do the rest! Pocahontas had her picture made with Snow White!! Lightning was busy finding places to flatten pennies!! Sully loved Soaring like the rest of us! Eeyore has commented that a family member needs to be writing my post since I've been talking to her what he says is after each ride!! We are having a blst wish ya'll could all be here with us!! T.T.F.N. Thimble kisses and Pixie Dust Dreams! Tink!


Lady Why said...

Hey, Bolt o' Lightnin'... Mr. Potato Head is VERY proud of you for squishing pennies! He anxiously awaits your return so you can compare collections!

A picture in front of the ball!!! I must be dreaming!

Sully, I'm with you on Soarin'! My new favorite ride, I think... I'm holding out until I can check out the 'new and improved' Pirates ride. Then I'll make my final decision. It's difficult when all these years Pirates has been my favorite ride. To unseat Pirates as my favorite ride for Soarin' was a difficult decision but Soarin' edged out as the winner... then Disney went and updated Pirates. So, I'm going to have to suspend my final decision until we get back to Disney and I ride Pirates again. What do you think, Sully? Pirates or Soarin'?

Of course, you know how I feel about Spaceship Earth... as a certain four year old boy once said, "I sure like that ride... slow and educational!" Which coined our team name, "The Slow and Educational Crowd"... a moniker I proudly wear to this day!

Southern Belle said...

cute, cute, cute! I am glad Lady Why gave us your new blog! Hope you are having a great time! We will be there the first week in Nov. We miss ya!
Southern Belle