Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Most of our bags are packed and I have children that are a little bit over excited!!! I don't blame them because I feel the same way! I have talked Mr. World Traveler into leaving tomorrow night after church and driving half way!! We will spend the night in Tallahassee and then drive to Orlando Thursday morning! Mr. W.T. has told me that it is funny how I've streatched in another couple of days!
Our youngest princess's teacher told me today was nothing but Disney talk all day! She said she wasn't sure she could keep her attention tomorrow! She has had her bags packed since Sunday night!! She has only made a few adjustments like changing out swimsuits!
Well, I'm off to pack my clothes! Be thinking of me in the morning as I'm having a shot in my knee @ 10:30!


Lady Why said...

Sounds like you're ready to go! We stayed at a hotel in a little town right before the I-75 turn off. It made only a three hour drive the next morning! Very worth it! We had practically an extra full day because of that!

Call me when you get back from your 'knee shot'!

Lady Why said...

OK, it's 5am on the first day of your trip and I'm not seeing a post! What's wrong with this picture?? Now, I'll give you a bit of a break since you were probably on the road until 2am... but, chop, chop people! There are folks waiting to hear every moment of your trip!!

I'll give you an hour or two then you're getting a phone call! *wink*