Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Today we went to Magic Kingdom again. Lady Why pretty much summed up our whole day in her comment on the last post, but about the parade...Mickey didn't sing to her. While we were waiting on Mickey...aka...the parade, the crowd sang to her and a few other people whose birthday was also today.

They have a new thing in Tomorrow Land called "High School Musical Pep Rally". It's really cute, they do dances and songs from the movie and the invite everyone else to join along!! I tried to take some pics of Pocahontas dancing, but didn't get any good ones.
Not only were there a bunch of little kids dancing, but Eeyore and I also saw a couple of (we think maybe 50 something year old) ladies dancing. Tink saw some grown men dancing and thought they were pretty funny as well.

Ok I think that's about it, but I'll post some pics on here for you all to see!! -Dory

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Lady Why said...

Excellent post, Dory. Now be honest, was Eeyore getting down with the other 50-somethings at the Pep Rally? Come on, you can tell me! You know I'm your favorite aunt!

Pictures, Dory! I'd pay big money for pictures of that!!!!!