Friday, September 29, 2006

Today we went to Animal Kingdom where we saw Baloo, Jiminy Cricket and a pair of Pocahontas. We also had a rare Sully sighting. For a last ride a Disney World we all rode the River Rapids, but luckily none of us got soaked. That pleasure was left for the others in the boat. Tonight we are going to see the Hoop Dee Doo Review at Pioneer Hall in Fort Wilderness. In the morning we head north and home.


Thursday, September 28, 2006

The birthday celebration for Pocahontas continued today with a delivery from Snow White (balloons and a card). We also spotted Dory with Dory at Epcot today. We visited Epcot and MGM today so that Tink could get her fix (there is only 1 more day left you know). We also encountered the largest crowds of the trip so far (see picture). The Food and Wine Festival started today at Epcot, so there were lots of young adults enjoying themselves. We finally has a Pluto photo oportunity today also. Tomorrow is Animal Kingdow and the Hoop to Doo Review at Fort Wilderness. Saturday we travel home.

- Eeyore

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Piglet decorated Pocahontas with streamers and confetti. You can see the streamers in this pic.
Pocahontas and Pooh
Pocahontas and I on Splash Mountain...her new favorite ride!!!
Me and Piglet
Mickey signing Pocahontas' autograph book.
Me with my Mickey ears.
Pocahontas blowing out the candle on her cupcake!!!
Cinderella's castle
Eeyore and Eeyore
Today we went to Magic Kingdom again. Lady Why pretty much summed up our whole day in her comment on the last post, but about the parade...Mickey didn't sing to her. While we were waiting on Mickey...aka...the parade, the crowd sang to her and a few other people whose birthday was also today.

They have a new thing in Tomorrow Land called "High School Musical Pep Rally". It's really cute, they do dances and songs from the movie and the invite everyone else to join along!! I tried to take some pics of Pocahontas dancing, but didn't get any good ones.
Not only were there a bunch of little kids dancing, but Eeyore and I also saw a couple of (we think maybe 50 something year old) ladies dancing. Tink saw some grown men dancing and thought they were pretty funny as well.

Ok I think that's about it, but I'll post some pics on here for you all to see!! -Dory

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pics from Sarah Grace's birthday dinner at the Grand Floridian.

Here are more pictures from Animal Kingdom. Pocahontas talked with Chip and Dale to get over not being tall enough to ride. She is also grinning with her PeePaw in a rickshaw waiting to get wet. Tonight we are going to have dinner with the Princesses and have a birthday celebration. She showed everyone her "It's my Birthday" pin today at AK, but was quick to point out that her birthday is really tomorrow.


Mount Everest pics...

Today we went to Animal Kingdom. It was fun. We rode the Kali River Rapids 3 times in a row, first thing. Which probably wasn't the best thing considering we all have raw legs now from walking around wet all day. These are a couple pictures from the ride.

After that Eeyore, Lightning McQueen, Pocahontas, and I rode Mount Everest. It was alot of fun. When we got to Dino Land we tried to ride Prime Eval Whirl, but Pocahontas wasn't tall enough. She told the lady at the front of the ride that she had just got off Mount Everest and she was tall enough for that ride!!! She was mad after that!!! And didn't wanna ride much of anything.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Disney has been covered up with Love Bugs (and I don't mean Herbie!). They are everywhere. Yesterday we went to see the Beauty and the Beast show at MGM (see attached picture). Pocahontas like it, but she was more impressed with meeting the Pink Power Ranger! I hope that these additional pictures help some of you Disney Junkies make it through the rest of the week!

More pictures from dinner at Chef Mickey's

Today we went to Epcot again and Pocahontas rode Test Track and Mission Space for the first time!! She really enjoyed it. Tink was freaking out on Test Track yelling at me to hang on to Pocahontas, but Pocahontas pushed my hands away and put her own hands up in the air yelling yay...yipee!!! haha It was funny.

Tonight we ate at Chef Mickey's. The food was really good. They had ham that was wonderful!! One of the desserts they had was an oreo with chocolate moose on top and chocolate Mickey ears on top of the moose. That was really good as well. Sorry we don't have any pictures of our food though. Pocahontas and Lightning both really enjoyed seeing the characters at the restaurant. While we were waiting to be seated Pocahontas said she wanted to call and talk to someone. She decided she wanted to call someone we'll call Mr. Invisible. As soon as he answered the phone she started talking 90-nothing about her Disney World trip. I think the first thing she said was,"Hey guess what...I'm not in Alabama anymore!!!" Then later after dinner, she was pretending to talk into her banana to someone about Disney. She's truly enjoying every second of our time here!!!
Here are some pictures from Epcot this morning. Pocahontas is excited to measure up for Test Track. She is also poising with here twin at the Living Seas. More info to come later.


We are trying to recover from our very busy day yesterday! We are going back to Epcot this morning! We can't wait to ride Soaring and Test Track! Hopefully we will also see Mary Poppins this afternoon. Tonight we eat at Chef Mickey's in the Contemporary Resort.
We had a great time yeterday with the exception of waiting for dinner. We arrived at Hollywood and Vine 15 minutes early like instructed, @ 7:20 they were still saying we will seat you Any minute now!! Well, PePaw had had enough! After a short conversation with the manager we were seated promptly! Dory, Pocahontas, and Lightneing all reaped the benefit of our wait! Dory was awarded 8 rides on RRC, she will present her coupon and be permitted to go staitght to the front and stay on for 8 trips! Pocahontas and Lightning both were able to choose a pin without having to trade on of their on! The food wasn't as good as the other we have eaten! A fter dinner it was straight to Fantasmic! It was wonderful! I think I enjoyed it better this time than any before! Pocahontas turned during the beginning and wanted to know what was Imagination!! Now how do explain that quickly at a show is beggingn? I told her we would talk about it after the show but whe wouldn't give up she needed to know then!! I'm off to get everyone up and then to breakfast!! We will post more hopefully tonight! T.T.F.N. Tink

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Epcot 9/23/06
We started off a little late this morning! Spaceship Earth is a favorite of all so that was first!! Then we were off to Soaring!! We love this ride!! We rode it three times!! The crowds are not too bad! We rode all the stuff in Future World and went through half of the countries! We will go bakc later in the week and do the rest! Pocahontas had her picture made with Snow White!! Lightning was busy finding places to flatten pennies!! Sully loved Soaring like the rest of us! Eeyore has commented that a family member needs to be writing my post since I've been talking to her what he says is after each ride!! We are having a blst wish ya'll could all be here with us!! T.T.F.N. Thimble kisses and Pixie Dust Dreams! Tink!
Magic Kingdom was fantastic!! We started off in Fantasy Land! Pocahontas was in awe of all the rides characters and people! Notice the pictures that were requested! We loved the new and updated Pirates! Of course we had a blast on Haunted Mansion while letting our family listen along and sing with us!! We ate @ Concourse Steakhouse and the meal was wonderful! Thanks Granpa Fred and Grandma Pat for the recommendation!! Lightning said he favortie was the Indy car Race and Space Mountain! Dory of course had a tie with Splash Mountain and Space Mountain!
Sorry for the late post but we've been out late and Eeyore hasn't gotten us up until now!!

Hey everybody. We went to MGM today 9/24. According to Eeyore we went, had fun, the end, but for my extremely excited aunt I'll put more. Pocahontas really enjoyed The Little Mermaid show!! It was her favorite. Although before the show started a fist fight almost broke out in the row in front of us. There were two people-a man and a woman(no kids)-who wouldn't move all the way down the row even though they had already been asked by a cast member to do so. Two dads who were also trying to sit on that row had a few words with the man though. Thankfully everything calmed down as the show started. She also rode Star Tours for the first time and loved it. That's Sully's favorite ride. Eeyore, Lightning, and I rode the Rocking Roller Coaster. It was Lightning's first time. He kept his eyes closed the whole time, but made it through. A cast member told Lightning and Pocahontas about new cast member pins that have hidden Mickey's on the pins. Lightning was able to find 5 right off the bat. Pocahontas had her face painted like Cinderella. See attached pic.
Until next time, Dory

Thursday, September 21, 2006

We are back from Downtown Disney!! We had success for Mr. Potato Head! All but one item purchased!! Pocahontas was a little upset because there were no characters there! Sully and Lightning McQueen had a blast trading pins.
We ate at The Rainforest Cafe. It was a real treat! Pocahontas was not impressed with the thunderstorms though! They also have a huge snake hanging down as you enter and she was ready to bolt!! Dory and Sully both got t-shirts and Lightning got a case for pennies! He has high hopes of filling it while we are here.
We were instructed as to the picture that needed to be taken so I hope it fits the bill! We are going to Magic Kingdom in the morning and will spend the day there and eat supper at Concourse Steakhouse. Eeyore has stated that we will not be online everyday :(! I'll do the best I can! Thanks for reading!! May you have Thimble kisses and Pixie Dust dreams! T.T.F.N. Tinker Bell