Friday, August 10, 2007


I bought the above things over the last 2 days from CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. My out of pocket expense was $35.48. I saved $70.19. I have $31.49 coming in rebates or Extra Care Bucks. That's like $3.98 for all in the picture!!! Not bad!

I also went to Publix (the items aren't included in the picture because some are already in our tummies!) spent $24.49 and saved $45.21. The lady behind me couldn't believe it! She went on and on about how much I saved and how many bags were in my buggy! A total of 7 bags! Dory was a little embarrassed that she was being so loud!!

I have been considering trying The Grocery Game! If you aren't familiar with TGG, it is a way of matching coupons with store sales.

Most stores have a sales cycle, generally a 12 week cycle. The inventor of the Grocery Game, Teri Gault, has tracked the sales cycles (and now has a team of folks all over tracking the local stores).They have a database that tells them when an item has hit a rock-bottom price. Some items are on sale at one time but will have an even lower price later on--this is called a "phantom sale." When an item is at it's rock-bottom price, you as a shopper are to stock up, try to buy 12 weeks worth of that item, so that you will have all you need till it hits that rock-bottom price again. They also have a database of coupons that come in the Sunday paper, combine those coupons with those rock-bottom prices and you get AMAZING savings--sometimes you even get stuff for free!!!
The price of the list is generally $10 for one store for 8 weeks, plus an additional $5 for each store after that. BUT....the first month is your trial month and is only $1 for as many store lists as you want!!!!
The list comes out once a week and is really organized. Black items are fairly good prices but not rock-bottom, so if you NEED something that is black, go ahead and get it. Blue items are rock-bottom, so stockpile these items. And Green are items that are free!!
If you want to t
ry the one month trial for only $1 and see what you think! If you feel generous and want to give me credit for the referral, put this email address in For every 3 referrals, I get some free weeks off the list. BUT, I am not telling you about this for the free weeks!!! I'm having a wonderful time saving money and wanted to share it with you!!
Here are a few tips:
1. It may be good to get extra Sunday papers.

2. Find a way to organize the coupons that works for you!

3. Start saving!!!