Monday, July 09, 2007

A Not So Typical Day

This morning I woke up on the run!! I threw the clothes from the washer into the dryer! Started a new load of clothes in the washer and turned on the dryer. It didn't sound right :( . I didn't have time to do anything about it then, so off I ran!

When I got home I called a very special friend who just a couple of weeks ago called to tell me she had just repaired her washing machine!! I told her what was going on and she directed me to this nifty fix-it site!!! We figured out what was wrong, my dryer belt had broken. She encouraged me that I could fix this!!! After her prompting I called a local store and they had the belt in stock!!

Once I bought the belt it was time to take the dryer apart!! Me taking a dryer apart?? Would it ever be put back together?? Would it really ever work again?? Taking the dryer apart turned out to be pretty easy!! After looking at the inside for a while I couldn't figure out how the belt went around the pulley :(. Off to the phone to call my trusty friend! She came right over and after several minutes and a couple of trips to the computer she figured out how it worked!! We had the belt installed and dryer put back together within minutes :) ! Now time to see if it worked.... I pushed the button and NOTHING.. What now?? What have I done??? Then it hit me.. it wasn't plugged in!! I plugged it up and pushed the button PRESTO IT WORKED!!!

The price of the part was $16.15. I've estimated that if we had called a Sears repairman it would have been $75 for a housecall, $100 labor, and $20 for the part... That is a savings of $ 178.85 :). I've told Eyeore that my friend and I need a trip to Starbucks for saving him big bucks!!! That or either a new outfit! So how was your day????