Monday, September 25, 2006

Today we went to Epcot again and Pocahontas rode Test Track and Mission Space for the first time!! She really enjoyed it. Tink was freaking out on Test Track yelling at me to hang on to Pocahontas, but Pocahontas pushed my hands away and put her own hands up in the air yelling yay...yipee!!! haha It was funny.

Tonight we ate at Chef Mickey's. The food was really good. They had ham that was wonderful!! One of the desserts they had was an oreo with chocolate moose on top and chocolate Mickey ears on top of the moose. That was really good as well. Sorry we don't have any pictures of our food though. Pocahontas and Lightning both really enjoyed seeing the characters at the restaurant. While we were waiting to be seated Pocahontas said she wanted to call and talk to someone. She decided she wanted to call someone we'll call Mr. Invisible. As soon as he answered the phone she started talking 90-nothing about her Disney World trip. I think the first thing she said was,"Hey guess what...I'm not in Alabama anymore!!!" Then later after dinner, she was pretending to talk into her banana to someone about Disney. She's truly enjoying every second of our time here!!!

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Lady Why said...

Dory, you are the BEST! Great commentary! Great pictures! I'm riding the Disney high right along with you!!

By the way, who is Mr. Invisible and, if we're in the mood to call people, I think we all know who needs to be called first! And, it ain't Mr. Invisible!