Monday, September 25, 2006

We are trying to recover from our very busy day yesterday! We are going back to Epcot this morning! We can't wait to ride Soaring and Test Track! Hopefully we will also see Mary Poppins this afternoon. Tonight we eat at Chef Mickey's in the Contemporary Resort.
We had a great time yeterday with the exception of waiting for dinner. We arrived at Hollywood and Vine 15 minutes early like instructed, @ 7:20 they were still saying we will seat you Any minute now!! Well, PePaw had had enough! After a short conversation with the manager we were seated promptly! Dory, Pocahontas, and Lightneing all reaped the benefit of our wait! Dory was awarded 8 rides on RRC, she will present her coupon and be permitted to go staitght to the front and stay on for 8 trips! Pocahontas and Lightning both were able to choose a pin without having to trade on of their on! The food wasn't as good as the other we have eaten! A fter dinner it was straight to Fantasmic! It was wonderful! I think I enjoyed it better this time than any before! Pocahontas turned during the beginning and wanted to know what was Imagination!! Now how do explain that quickly at a show is beggingn? I told her we would talk about it after the show but whe wouldn't give up she needed to know then!! I'm off to get everyone up and then to breakfast!! We will post more hopefully tonight! T.T.F.N. Tink


Miss Poppins said...

I can't wait to see Mary Poppins!

Sleeping Beauty said... I go again. I tried to write and had it all done , but when I went to post it I lost it. :-( I will figure this thing out yet. :-) sounds like you guys are having a great time and I love seeing the pictures. It took Ramone a couple of looks to figure out that it was Lightning in the sharks mouth. That was a cool pic. Ramone says hi and so do I. Now we will head back to our school work. Hope you continue to have a great time and we look forward to reading more posts. Love you guys and miss you. Sleeping Beauty (ha!ha!)

Lady Why said...

Now that's what I'm talking about! Good details... You've transported me to Disney and made me feel like I am the manager getting the 'what for' from PePaw! I love it! It has all the makings of a great blog post... conflict(no dinner and we're on a schedule... Fantasmic won't wait for slow eaters, you know!), a villain (the manager), a hero (PePaw), and a happy ending (tickets and pins!) A great story! I'm proud of you!

Let's work on consistency. We ALL know there are a billion of those stories that are as yet unreported on the aforementioned blog. Dory, you're my only hope here. It all rests on you. Our very lives may depend on it! Post, post, post! You can do it! Don't let us down!

Anonymous said...

I will have to take PePaw back to disney with me so we can have a great dining experience!! At least he did not give them thumbs down!! Have a blast and remember I LOVE any kind of prizes!! Sharon