Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Today we went to Animal Kingdom. It was fun. We rode the Kali River Rapids 3 times in a row, first thing. Which probably wasn't the best thing considering we all have raw legs now from walking around wet all day. These are a couple pictures from the ride.

After that Eeyore, Lightning McQueen, Pocahontas, and I rode Mount Everest. It was alot of fun. When we got to Dino Land we tried to ride Prime Eval Whirl, but Pocahontas wasn't tall enough. She told the lady at the front of the ride that she had just got off Mount Everest and she was tall enough for that ride!!! She was mad after that!!! And didn't wanna ride much of anything.


Lady Why said...

Excellent pictures! You do look quite wet! I love the picture with everyone's hands in the air!! Being wet all day doesn't sound a bit fun, though. Did Pocahontas enjoy Dinosaur? Our two littlest girls thought that was a hoot!

More, more, more! We can't get enough!

Eeyore said...

Pocahontas did not like Dinosaur at all. She like Everest much better.