Monday, September 25, 2006

Here are some pictures from Epcot this morning. Pocahontas is excited to measure up for Test Track. She is also poising with here twin at the Living Seas. More info to come later.



Lady Why said...

Well, little Miss Pocahontas does match our dear squiddy friend quite well, doesn't she? They both have pink cheeks! Somebody's been getting some sun! I'll bet y'all are sporting some great tans by next week!

I'm impressed! Great pictures... and before midnight, even! If I were paying you, I'd give you a raise!

Anonymous said...

hello!! tell the "princess" happy birthday from us! Keep us posted. Sharon

Southern Belle said...

Hi there,
Happy Birthday!! Epcot is our favorite spot! SOOOOOOOO much to learn!
Southern Belle