Monday, September 25, 2006

Disney has been covered up with Love Bugs (and I don't mean Herbie!). They are everywhere. Yesterday we went to see the Beauty and the Beast show at MGM (see attached picture). Pocahontas like it, but she was more impressed with meeting the Pink Power Ranger! I hope that these additional pictures help some of you Disney Junkies make it through the rest of the week!


Lady Why said...

Ahhh, yes... love is in the air for the love bugs! I remember when we went to Disney for our honeymoon having to literally scrape the loving love bugs from the front of the car so we could turn on the headlights! Oh, the memories! Enjoy the love bugs! This is their time of year!

I didn't realize Power Rangers were Disney characters! Ha! You'd think I'd know that by now.

Love the picture of the Belle Ball! We loved that show. We got Mickey shaped ice cream bars, took off our shoes and put our feet up on the nice cold metal seats in front of us and enjoyed the ice cream, cool breeze, and the show... some of us enjoyed the ice cream and bare feet best... but, the show was great too!

You are doing an excellent job posting! Dory, I'd say this week alone should count for a 1/2 credit in creative writing and 1/2 credit in computer science! And, I'm your support group leader so I can say so!

Eeyore said...

This posting was from me

Lady Why said...

No way! Eeyore posting something on the blog??? Well, the earth must have fallen off it's axis! Could it be that you are beginning to enjoy blogging, Eeyore? Next am I going to see a little bee-bopping to the 'It's a Small World' ditty? We'll be happy to teach you how! Now, if we could ever get you clapping.... nah! The world would end as we know it if that happened!

I hope I'm amusing you as much as I'm amusing myself!!

PS - I can give YOU the 1/2 credit in creative writing and the 1/2 credit in computer sciene if you want them!

Sleeping Beauty said...

Great posting Eeyore. I had it figured as you before I read the comments. No offense, but Dory gets a little more colorful with her posts. :-)

What have you done with my friend Tink? I haven't heard from her lately. Have you worn her out yet and how is her knee holding out?

Love the pictures and can't wait to show them to Ramone. He misses his friend Lightning but knows he is having a blast. Ya'll stay safe and have a great time for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Glad ya'll are having a great time! I'm enjoying all the pix- for all of us in the real world, makes the day at work go by quicker. :-) Tell "mee mouse" that Colin said hello.


Southern Belle said...

Well, okay, we LOVE love Bugs! Of course, Traveller (Luke) calls them Lady bugs, but he LOVES LOVES them! He can't WAIT to see Herbie when we go in November. Looks like Jordan is having fun too! Memories!
Have a good day!
Southern Belle