Thursday, September 21, 2006

We are back from Downtown Disney!! We had success for Mr. Potato Head! All but one item purchased!! Pocahontas was a little upset because there were no characters there! Sully and Lightning McQueen had a blast trading pins.
We ate at The Rainforest Cafe. It was a real treat! Pocahontas was not impressed with the thunderstorms though! They also have a huge snake hanging down as you enter and she was ready to bolt!! Dory and Sully both got t-shirts and Lightning got a case for pennies! He has high hopes of filling it while we are here.
We were instructed as to the picture that needed to be taken so I hope it fits the bill! We are going to Magic Kingdom in the morning and will spend the day there and eat supper at Concourse Steakhouse. Eeyore has stated that we will not be online everyday :(! I'll do the best I can! Thanks for reading!! May you have Thimble kisses and Pixie Dust dreams! T.T.F.N. Tinker Bell


Lady Why said...

Outstanding!! Excellent picture! Love the green font too. You are getting to be quite the computer savvy one, Dory! Bravo!!!

Now, as for you, Eeyore... don't make me come down there! I don't want to drive 10 hours just to pop you in the head but I'll do it if I have to! You most certainly WILL be online every day... in fact, twice a day would be even better! But, if you're too busy 'Disneying' for twice a day, we'll settle for once a day. Less than once a day... completely unacceptable! This isn't just YOUR vacation, you know! This is OUR vacation! Don't forget your family back home! Didn't you read the brochure? Share the magic!!(the very idea... less than once a day... pish posh!)

We loved the Rain Forest Cafe! We couldn't get Mom through the door because of the snake so she'll sympathize with Pocahontas on that one! Ha! Ha!

OK, for tomorrow... since you're taking picture orders... I'd like to see one of the kids trying to pull the sword out of the stone by the carousel in Fantasy Land, I want one with Minnie and Mickey, of course! I also want to see the 'must have' of all Disney pictures... the family in front of the castle!!! Oh, I'm giddy with anticipation!

Also, don't forget to call us from the Haunted Mansion (more than once if you'd like!) and I want to hear all about each and every ride!
Now that isn't a lot to ask, is it? I'm trying not to be pushy, after all!

Off to bed with you now! We... err, I mean, you... have a big day tomorrow!

Lady Why said...

Hello Mickey fans!

I hope you are now up. It's bright and early and the Magic Kingdom opens in 2 1/2 short hours!! Get in line in that food court now because by 7am it will be packed!

Mary Jane tried to leave a comment for you but she said she couldn't log in. You might want to turn off any restrictions you have on your comments. That could be the problem. In the meantime, she sent you this message:

"I tried to leave a message for Lynn and the family on the blog, but it wouldn’t let me sign in with the user name I have from another blog for church small group. Could you just let them know that we all said hi and are thinking about them. Hope they are having a great time.

Thanks and if you have any ideas of how to get on, let me know.

Thanks and see you later,

Mary Jane"

OK, Diseny fans... that's enough chit chat for this morning! Rise and shine!! Tell us all about the opening ceremony at Magic Kingdom, all about the rides, all about the shows, all about the shopping... well you get the idea!

Talk to you in a little while from the Haunted Mansion!

Fiddle D. Dee said...

I'll get Dory on the restrictions! Of coursr, I havr no idea about that!! We are up and out to have some breakfast before our busy day!

Lady Why said...

Whew! And, here I thought I was going to have to give you a wake up call! Very good... very good, indeed! Tour Guide Mike would be proud!

I highly recommend the fritatta for breakfast... and it just wouldn't be Disney without a Mickey waffle or two!

According to James, your weather should be picture perfect! Lace up those running shoes and we'll talk to you later!

Lady Why said...

Hello fellow Seedlings readers,

I heard from the Disney group from The Haunted Mansion and from It's A Small World! It was great! Just like being there!!

Now we have put on our Disney shirts and ears to celebrate the trip! We'll post some pictures of us enjoying the Disney trip vicariously through the seedlings on our blog. You'll be able to see it at:

In the meantime, if I hear from them again, I'll update the comments since the seedlings are noticeably absent from the computer. I guess that's to be expected when you're busy plummeting to your death on Splash Mountain!

Until we meet again join with me in a little Haunted Mansion singing... happy haunts materialize, rise as spooks from every side... grim grinnin' ghosts come out to socialiiiiize... now if you would like to join our jamboree there's a simple rule that's compulsory. Mortals pay a token feeeee. Rest in peace, the haunting's freeeee.... so hurry back we would like your companyyeeeeeee....

Altogether now...

Lady Why said...

This one's for Eeyore!

Lady Why said...

Hey Mickey fans,

It's 11:06pm eastern time and I'm sitting here with toothpicks holding my eyelids open wondering where on earth my updates and pictures are! The anticipation is killing me!!!

OK, don't make me come down there and stand behind you in line singing "It's A Small World" all the way through (and you KNOW I know every single stanza!) and clapping my hands! Don't make me do it! You know I will!

Get with the program, people!

Lady Why said...

Hey slackers!

It is 10:00am eastern time and I have no update from yesterday and I also have no idea how you liked the opening ceremony at EPCOT!! That is unacceptable updating! Didn't I teach you anything before you left?

Since we haven't talked since yesterday, I want to go ahead and tell you what I'd like to see from EPCOT. First a picture in front of the ball is a must! Of course, one in front of the fountain, and one with each and every character in the character garden... got to see that! Then let's see one in front of each and every country. Next, the big fish display in front of The Living Seas is a great photo op! I want to know how everyone likes Test Track. Oh, and Flibby wants to see a picture of y'all with Mary Poppins. You can find her in the toy store in the United Kingdom around 4pm today. I sure hope you check your messages in time to get all that done!

Now, remember us poor home bound folks up north and toss us a bone please!

Anonymous said...

Hey where is the new update??? I am waiting!! This is the only way I am going to see Disney anytime soon!! Sharon

Lady Why said...

Hey Eeyore,

I've got a message for you over on my blog! Go check it out!