Thursday, September 21, 2006

We have arrived at our destination for tonight!! We are getting ready to leave for Downtown Disney! We will take lots of pictures and hopefully post something tonight! May you have Thimble kisses and Pixie Dust Dreams! T.T.F.N. Tink!


Lady Why said...

Excellent time you've made! Congratulations on arriving at your destination!! We can't wait to see the pictures!

How was the drive? How's the weather? Crowds? Where are you eating tonight? And, also include all other details I may be overlooking!

Anxiously awaiting your next post!

Lady Why said...

By the way, I just pulled up your weather forecast from a local channel in Orlando. It looks like it is going to be fabulous! Mid 80's for highs and upper 60's for lows. No rain through Sunday (which is as far out as they would go) Sounds like perfect Mickey weather to me!

Be sure to tell us where in Pop Century you are staying. We were in the "80's" area with the computer right outside our door to the left as you walk out of the room. As I'm sure you can imagine, Mr. Potato Head was in love with that room because from our front door you could see the giant Mr. Potato Head statue. Very important for his good time, don't you know!

We want to know EVERYTHING!!!!!!

Lady Why said...

HELLLOOOOoooooooooo out there.... is anybody HOOOOOOOOoooome? It's been entirely too long without an update! Here we are sitting around the dim light of our computer waiting for HOURS for a post on all your fun and frivolity! Come on, already! Throw us a crust of bread, will ya?