Sunday, September 24, 2006

Magic Kingdom was fantastic!! We started off in Fantasy Land! Pocahontas was in awe of all the rides characters and people! Notice the pictures that were requested! We loved the new and updated Pirates! Of course we had a blast on Haunted Mansion while letting our family listen along and sing with us!! We ate @ Concourse Steakhouse and the meal was wonderful! Thanks Granpa Fred and Grandma Pat for the recommendation!! Lightning said he favortie was the Indy car Race and Space Mountain! Dory of course had a tie with Splash Mountain and Space Mountain!
Sorry for the late post but we've been out late and Eeyore hasn't gotten us up until now!!

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Lady Why said...

OK, not to be picky.... really, I'm thrilled with seeing a blog post (short and lacking in details as it may be)... but, where are the PICTURES??? You taunt me with the empty promise of pictures with that "Notice the pictures..." line! What pictures? I am having trouble noticing any pictures because there AREN'T ANY!

Hello, Dory... could I speak to you for a second. Remember me, your favorite aunt? Could you help out your clearly 'blog challenged' parents and upload a picture or two? I think I might die if I don't see pictures! You wouldn't want that on your conscience, now would you? Can you help me out? And, while you're at it, could you write a blog post that's at least 500 words or more? That's not too much to ask, is it?