Thursday, September 28, 2006

The birthday celebration for Pocahontas continued today with a delivery from Snow White (balloons and a card). We also spotted Dory with Dory at Epcot today. We visited Epcot and MGM today so that Tink could get her fix (there is only 1 more day left you know). We also encountered the largest crowds of the trip so far (see picture). The Food and Wine Festival started today at Epcot, so there were lots of young adults enjoying themselves. We finally has a Pluto photo oportunity today also. Tomorrow is Animal Kingdow and the Hoop to Doo Review at Fort Wilderness. Saturday we travel home.

- Eeyore


Lady Why said...

Eeyore... great writing and pictures! You're coming along!

WOW!!! That place is PACKED!!! Yikes! Food and Wine Festival... probably not the greatest 'family friendly' atmosphere, I'm guessing. I'm glad that's only at EPCOT. You can mosey on over somewhere else for your Disney fun.

I can't believe you only have one more day! It's flying by for me and I'm at home!

Pocahontas, love the balloons and the card! And, of course, Pluto is one of my favorites!

Have fun on Everest tomorrow! Can't wait to see more pictures!

Lady Why said...

Oh, I forgot to mention Dory and Dory! Terrific picture! Y'all look just alike!

Lady Why said...

Hi Disney fans,

I thought I'd drop in and say 'good morning' and see if you're awake! You should be! The park opened 30 minutes ago, you know!!

I hope y'all are warm down there... think of your poor extended family up here freezing their patooties off! It's COOOOLD up here! Perfectly freezing in fact! BRRRrrrrr!

While you're sitting down there sipping Dole Whips by the pool and lounging in the sun hob-nobbing with Mickey, think of us up here huddled under our big fuzzy blue blanket doing our school work. I think you have the better end of that deal!

Enjoy your last day! We're looking forward to seeing you (and ALL 900 of your pictures) when you get home! But, I hope you took your parkas! You'll need to break those out once you cross the Alabama state line!

Fiddle D. Dee said...

We are very sad today!! It's our last day! Where did the time go??? How can it be over?? Sarah Grace has been a little weepy today :( ! We are off to Animal Kingdom! T.T.F.N. Tink

Lady Why said...

Oh no! Pocahontas, you can't be weepy at Disneyworld. It's the happiest place on earth! You can be weepy when you cross the Alabama state line and have to put up your Disney-wear in favor of your big winter coat! That's when you can be weepy!

Lady Why said...

Hi Disney fans,

Mr. Potato Head wants me to let you know that while you've been down there rubbing elbows with Mickey, he is up here rubbing elbows with President George W. Bush, Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell! He told Simon to be ruthless and he assured Mr. Potato Head that he would, in fact, be ruthless! Check my blog for pictures!