Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pics from Sarah Grace's birthday dinner at the Grand Floridian.


Lady Why said...

Beautiful pictures!! Is Sarah Grace not having a birthday dinner tonight? Or is she having two birthday parties? I'm confused! I thought she was having her birthday party tonight at the Crystal Palace. Have y'all gone and changed the itinerary without consulting me? Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

Anyway, this is for you, Sarah Grace:

Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday dear Pocahontaaaaas!
Happy Birthday to you!

Have a great birthday and keep up the good work of pictures! We are thoroughly enjoying them back home... where we are freezing like penguins in the Arctic! It's coooold up here! Brrrrr! Enjoy your sun and fun and we'll imagine the warmth when we're thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday SG !!!! Looks like you are having a GREAT birthday week! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Aunt W (and all hers)

Sleeping Beauty said...


My calendar sent me a reminder this morning that it is your birthday, so ask Eeyore or Tinker Bell to check Tink's e-mail for a card from all of us later today. I love the pictures and can't wait to show them to Ramone.

It sure does seem like all of you are having a great time and I know it has to be the most wonderful way for a five-year-old young lady to spend her birthday. Talk about great birthday parties!!!

Love you guys and talk to you soon.

BTW...Tink...let me know what you decided to do.

Dory said...

Yes tonight is her "officail" Birthday dinner!!! Last night was just a prelude.

Lady Why said...

Hi everyone,

I just talked with the Disneyites and they told me they would be away from the computer for a few more hours and gave me permission to post a blog entry via the comment section! You all know I've been DYING to blog for them since the beginning so here's my chance!

Pocahontas has had a lovely birthday today! At the Mickey Parade, they pulled her out into the street and let her lead the charge with Mickey to start the parade! Then Mickey led the crowd in singing 'Happy Birthday' to her! What could be more special on a 5th birthday than that? Not much, I'd say!!! I can't wait to see the pictures (hint! hint!)

All the characters have just made over Pocahontas since she's wearing her birthday pin and shirt! They are all giving her the red carpet treatment! She has had her picture made with Belle, Cinderella and Snow White. Some of those she's already seen but we can never have too many pictures with princesses, now can we?

Pocahontas has been on Splash Mountain two times and loved every minute of it! She's a thrill seeker, no doubt about that! Uncle Potato Head will be happy to hear that he has a new member to his team! She, however, has an aversion to all rides dark and scary. She has therefore, highly disliked Haunted Mansion, Dinosaur, Snow White, and Peter Pan (Boo! Hoo! This is one of my favorite rides! Pocahontas, we're going to have to talk... after all, that bad Captain Hook gets eaten by that not-so-scary crocodile and the crocodile only wants to eat Captain Hook, not you! It's a good ride! Really it is!)

So, in conclusion, the thrill seeking Pocahontas loves all things that drench her with water, send her plummeting from heights not fit for man nor beast at exceptionally high rates of speed, and generally sling her every which-a-way. But, don't turn out the lights, make loud roars or come near her with glowing eyes!

All of you are probably on the edge of your seat wondering about 'The Foot'. From what I understand from Tink, (who is decidedly not in a good state of mind to make medical decisions for herself because 1)she's in Disneyworld and it's the happiest place on earth so she refuses to consider taking even a moment away for a possible need for medical attention and 2)she's taking narcotics) her foot is no better but no worse. She is taking her pain medicine from the knee doctor and that is getting her through. She did break down and get a wheel chair today which she thinks helped since she isn't walking on it today. There was some dispute amongst the children as to who would push Tink around! Ha! Pocahontas felt the privilege was certainly hers because it is, after all, her birthday! Go, Pocahontas! You only turn 5 once, you know! At any rate, there is still a question as to what is wrong with 'The Foot'. Some ideas sound rather harmless... some sound quite scary! Tink says she's not going to the ER unless she has to be wheeled their on a gurney as the life is ebbing out of her body. She didn't exactly put it like that, but I had to add my dramatic effect. That's the gist of what she said, though. Eeyore, you may have to step in here! (no pun intended!)

Well, that's the latest from the happiest place on earth! It all sounds simply divine... if you overlook the minor inconvenience of 'The Foot', that is. Look for pictures later on tonight. I know I will!

Happy Birthday, Pocahontas!

Lady Why said...

"...wheeled their on a gurney as the life is ebbing out of her body"

That should, of course, be "... wheeled THERE on a gurney..."

My apologies! That's what I get for not proofreading before posting. I had to correct myself, lest you think I don't know the proper uses of 'their' and 'there'!

That would be scandalous!!

Sleeping Beauty said...

Dear Lady Why...thank you so much for the update. I was worried about 'The Foot' and hadn't heard anything. I am glad she broke down and got a wheelchair today and hopefully got it elevated some. You and I both know how stubborn Tink can be. :-)

Thanks again for the great updates and for getting them blogging. This has been great fun for me, too.

LIGHTNING...Ramone says you were greatly missed tonight at AWANAS. He says your team suffered tonight and only tied for third place. Hurry home. He also says to tell you to have fun and see you when you get home.

From the rest of us...HAPPY BIRTHDAY again Pocahontas and don't forget to ask Tink to go get your card from her e-mail.

Love you guys and talk to you soon.