Saturday, December 01, 2007

Our school has a new mascot!! Our cheerleading coach had the costume made and it looks very cute. My friend and I (the 2 seniors) named him. His full name is M.J. Ziggy Daniels, M for her name, J for my name, we got Daniels from her middle name Danielle, and we just liked Ziggy!! Although, everyone just calls him M.J. Now, I know you probably didn't need or want to know the full name and explanation of the name, but I thought I'd share that anyway.

The boy who wears the mascot costume is actually one of the football players, who happens to have a better toe-touch than most, if not all of us on the squad. He's a pretty good mascot, but at one point he got tired, so his MOM got in the costume to give him a break, and I guess he was embarrassed or something because he never got back in it. I think it would be fun to put on the costume and jump around and act crazy. I would've given him a break and put on the costume, if I wasn't cheering. I think as long as his mom doesn't get back in it he'll do a great job. Well I hope all of this makes sense and isn't too wordy, because it's 11 o'clock at night and past my bed time!!

Jesus loves you,


Dory said...

I forgot to mention this is at the game Friday night.

Lady Why said...

And, it's not too wordy at all... in fact, we could use more words around this here blog. Keep up the good work!

Oh, the name is just fantabulous, as a certain Flibster cousin of yours would say!

Lady Why said...

::crickets:: ::crickets:: ::crickets:: I'm just saying.

Southern Belle said...

Wow! I concur with Lady Why!! How exciting to SEE a POST!! Whop! There it is! Hope to see more!

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