Monday, December 17, 2007

CVS Bargains!!!

How much would you think I spent on this purchase from CVS??? My husband guessed $8.00. I have been following tips listed on I used CVS coupons,ECB, and manufactured coupons and ended up having to add the Snickers bar because they wouldn't pay me to walk out with the merchandise!! I spent a total of $0.39!!! My daughter couldn't believe it!! Also in return I got $12.49 in ECB and $4 off $20 purchase!!! I do plan to go back this week for another purchase! I wonder if I will do as well then????


Lady Why said...

Great deals!!! I'm planning on getting the Tylenol deal myself... but I'm off to see what kind of damage I can do at Walgreens today first.

Southern Belle said...

Yep, I have been blogging and having fun playing these "games" as Aaron calls them, lol. He wonders when the stores will figure out when they will catch on, lol. It HAS been fun. Yesterday was fun at Walgreens and TARGET! The other Day was fun at Walgreens and CVS! More at my blog at!