Monday, December 31, 2007

CVS Savings!!!

I went to CVS yesterday and had my best ever buy!! I got:

Charmin 9 pack roll of toilet paper
Bounty 8 pack paper towels
Tide liquid detergent
3 CVS cough drops
Airborne dual pack (daytime and nighttime)
Dawn dish detergent
Feminine pads

I had the following coupons:

$4 off $20 purchase, $5 off $15 purchase, $2 off $10 purchase, Tide $.35, Charmin $.25, Boutny $.25, Airborne $1.00, Dawn $.75, and $5.49 ECB (extra care bucks). I spent $2.37 our of pocket. I should have received 3-$.99 ECB. The ECB didn't print for some reason. I asked the clerk (Andy) why. The manager came over and couldn't figure out how to make it print the bucks so he returned me the $2.97!! I think that means they paid me $.60 to take the merchandise out of the store!!!
Eeyore just shook his head in disbelief!!!

Happy New Year to us!!!

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Lady Why said...

Now that is my kind of shopping!