Tuesday, April 01, 2008

After Prom


Lady Why said...

Prom Questions, Part III

6)What is with the peace symbols everyone is doing? Is there a hidden meaning there that old people like me can't understand?
7)Did that poor boy in the IHOP picture break the bill off of his baseball hat? Poor thing.
8)What all did the after prom fun consist of... I'm getting something in a parking lot, a trip to IHOP and bowling?
9)What is that guy smelling?
10)Who are all these people!?

This concludes your prom night quiz. Please answer promptly and I'll give you a good grade!

Dory said...

6)There's no hidden meaning behind the peace symbols, it was just something to do.

7)No he just thinks he's cool.

8)We went bowling and then to IHOP. The pic in the parking lot was at IHOP.

9)It's a piece of paper and he's not smelling it. It's suppose to be a mustache...i think.

10)Well the first pic is my friend Mandy.
Then(my prom date)Justin.
Next my friend Devin.
After that is Adam, Mandy's boyfriend.
Then there's me and Carissa(she's also a cheerleader).
The boys: Derrick, Vince, Adam, Alex, and Justin.
The big group, from left to right: Rita, Dylan, Erica, Mandy, Adam, Justin, me, Krysten, Derrick, Dustin, Devin, and I don't know the other 2 people's names.
Is that what you meant? Did I do a good job?

Lady Why said...

A+++++++++++!!! Well, done Dory! And, oh so prompt! I'm proud of you!!!

One more question, and you don't have to answer this one promptly since all manner of man and beast ought to be in bed at this ghastly hour, what are the t-shirts y'all are wearing? What do they say and were they special 'prom night' shirts?

Mary Jane said...

I have no questions, just enjoying the fun. Bowling after Prom and iHop makes for quite a night. Now I know why your Mom and Dad said they were pooped. :-) I'm pooped after looking at the pictures. So much to do and so little time. :-)

I'm so very glad you had a good time and again you looked very beautiful (as always). Thanks for sharing with us all. You did a great job.


Dory said...

Yes they are prom shirts. They say:
A Starry Night Masquerade
March 28,2008
Spring Formal

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Great pictures! Everyone looks ready to keep going for more. :)