Saturday, January 12, 2008

We went to old Navy today after hearing on Money Saving Mom about the sale! We got several things for the children at wonderful savings!! Lightening got 3 pants, 3 short sleeve shirts, 2 long sleeve shirts, hat, gloves, and ear warmers. Pocahontas got: 5 pants, 3 jackets, 1 shirt, 2 sets of gloves, 1 scarf and 1 hat. Dory got 2 jeans, 2 shirts, 1 hat and 2 pair of gloves. All of this for $100!!


Anonymous said...

so why did i not get a call about this wonderful sale!!! my feeling are hurt!! Sharon

Southern Belle said...

I went too! We also loaded up. We went on Friday afternoon and I was SO glad.

Fun, Fun


Lady Why said...

Thank you for the 'heads up' on this sale!!! We went Saturday night and got two winter coats, a jacket, a pair of slippers, a fleece sweatshirt, and matching fleece sweat pants all for the grand total of... drum roll please... $40.98! Retail price for this haul would have been $172.47 plus tax!

That's a savings of $131.49!

That was one fabulous sale!!